• Professional kitchen design in accordance with legal requirements
  • Support when choosing professional equipment
  • Implementation of GMP, GHP and HACCP (formal and practical aspect)

The kitchen is the heart of every restaurant, and its proper functioning largely depends on its design and equipment. The professional kitchen design should meet all legal requirements, thus ensuring safety, comfort and proper ergonomics of work for the kitchen staff. So far, we have visited many professional kitchens, from several meters long to large kitchen facilities. 

This is how we got to know the opinion of Chefs and their teams regarding the professional kitchen equipment. As a result, we know what works and what is worth an investment, and what does not work at all. Due to our regular participation in trade fairs, we stay up to date with the constantly expanding offer of innovative solutions. 

Another important aspect of working in a professional kitchen is compliance with the prevailing standards and practices, defined by GMP, GHP and HACCP. In BVA we regularly prepare necessary documentation and explain our Clients and their employees how to apply it correctly.

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