BON VIVANT ADVISORY is a consulting company specialized in helping gastronomic businesses


We have been in the industry for over a decade. We have comprehensive experience gained from cooperation with European leaders and thanks to many successful projects.

We call ourselves food aficionados – we love food and beverages, but we treat them as a perfect excuse to celebrate the good life. Having a cup of espresso and a newspaper in your hands can be a unique pleasure – that’s what we look for in gastronomy.

Cooking is an art, but a restaurant is a business – we understand these two truths, but we do not oppose them. We create a synergy between them.

This business is our passion

Among our clients are sophisticated restaurants, popular cafes, avant-garde food trucks, artisan pastry shops, catering agencies and small bistros – they all share a passion for food and understanding of their own business.


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We will improve the profitability of your business

Our goal is to provide knowledge, experience and skills that lead to increased turnover (thanks to the improved level of guest satisfaction) and reduction of costs (thanks to the implementation of innovative solutions that work), which as a result lead to an increased profitability of our Partners' businesses.
We know this business inside out

Our team consists of experienced managers who worked for the largest catering companies in Europe. We have a long experience in opening new points, conducting rebranding processes, running chain cafes, fast-food as well as fine-dining restaurants. We feel comfortable working with boutique pastry shops and catering companies.
We recommend solutions that work

The restaurants we work with have already served over 500 000 guests. Our Partners’ experience becomes our experience, which we pass on to you. As the only consulting company in Poland, we run a showroom restaurant in Warsaw city center where we apply and test new strategies and face the current challenges. That is why, the solutions we recommend are not only theoretical concepts, but are supported by our experience.
We like to ask questions

What we believe in is that if someone claims they are good at everything, in fact they are good at nothing. So, on a daily basis we cooperate with lawyers specialized in advising gastronomic businesses, people responsible for management accounting, food technologists, health and safety specialists, fire protection inspectors. If we are missing answers, we direct our questions and doubts to them. Next, after careful consideration, we come back to our Partner with a solution to their problem.
We learn from mistakes

We already have many successful projects behind us. However, we are not ashamed of failures that are also a part of our professional experience. The mistakes we made largely contributed to the creation of the fundamental values of our company – cautiousness, meticulousness, moderate optimism, conservatism, all of which are integral features of our work today.
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Enterprises at different stages need different solutions – we are perfectly aware of it! Choose what stage you are at and see our offer/services.


Due to the specificity of our work, we do not publish information about current projects. However, we will be happy to provide references upon request. In concluded contracts, we use special clauses guaranteeing the security of sensitive data and confidentiality in cooperation. The trust of our Partners is most important to us.
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