• defining research areas
  • creating a detailed questionnaire
  • conducting the study
  • detailed analysis of the results and summary

The Mystery Shopper is a study of the quality of service and evaluation of the restaurant experience of Guests. In a broader sense, it is used to control and evaluate all parameters of the sales path, from greeting a Guest to accepting payment or handling complaints.

Based on the individual service standards, we prepare a detailed questionnaire, which is completed by our properly trained employee. The aim of the study is not to find errors at any cost, but to describe the visit in a restaurant as accurately as possible.

After collecting all the data, we indicate the aspect (or aspects) of service that requires improvement, and then we develop an appropriate plan of improvement. At the end of a study, we provide a detailed report with a study summary and all the necessary information.

Why choosing the Mystery Shopper method:

  • to check the quality of employees’ performance at work;
  • to check the knowledge and sales skills of the employees;
  • to verify the compliance with service standards;
  • to verify negative opinions;
  • to assess the honesty of employees towards their employer and Guests;
  • to control cleanliness in a restaurant, employees' dress code;
  • to research the competition.

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