• Specialized training

One of the services we provide more often is an extensive training system. Our trainings are aimed primarily at managers, shift managers, bartenders and waiters. They cover a wide range of topics and a variety of forms of implementation, often tailored to the needs and preferences of the client. Most often, however, they take the form of lectures, seminars or workshops. During the training, we share practical knowledge with its participants, based on many examples. Importantly, we also provide auxiliary materials that help to better assimilate and systematize the knowledge gained during the training.

Here are some of our trainings:

  • waiters
  • bartending
  • baristic
  • hospitality management
  • cooperative training for the manager

Cooperative training for a manager is a unique managerial training. Contrary to the standard course, cooperative training is characterized by high intensity combined with the transfer of knowledge not cross-sectionally, but in those areas that require the greatest improvement.

During the day-long session, the manager organizes his own knowledge resulting from experience in restaurant management and supplements it with the knowledge of the host. Then, the manager, together with the tutor, finds optimal solutions to the discussed problems. Thanks to the training formula, the participant does not learn ready-made solutions, but learns how to independently look for and find solutions in various, unforeseen situations. A day spent together with an experienced trainer sometimes results in the identification of dozens of small and big things that can improve the manager's way of working. The training is summarized with a report including a detailed evaluation, which provides valuable feedback for the participant and his employer.

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