Case study

One of our recent successful projects in our portfolio was a collaboration with the owner of two sushi and Japanese cuisine restaurants. The Client had been efficiently managing both establishments but sought our assistance to standardize processes in both locations (including kitchen work, management and service), in order to get ready for opening a third location.

During the audit, which is one of our popular services and often initiates partnerships with new Clients, we identified several important issues related to cost management, particularly in regard to raw materials. One of the surprising findings was the excessive amount of soy sauce and wasabi served with sushi. Reducing the portions of soy sauce and wasabi proved to be a beneficial move, resulting in monthly savings of around 750 PLN and an annual total of 9,000 PLN.

Another change implemented after the completed audit was the implementation of charge for takeout packaging, which is now a common practice in most eateries. When we found out that the restaurant uses approximately 100,000 takeaway containers annually, at a nominal cost of 2 PLN each, this generated additional revenue of a staggering 200,000 PLN per year.

As the next step, we thoroughly examined the entire menu, which, as we know, can be quite extensive in restaurants with Japanese cuisine. By carefully calculating the food cost of each dish and analyzing recent sales data, we conducted menu engineering. Based on its results, we came up with certain strategies, including price strategy for best selling dishes and sushi sets.

Optimizing the menu was crucial given the wide variety of dishes, and we replaced the underperforming items with several well-crafted novelties, which have been selling like hotcakes since they appeared on the menu.
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